Neatly Hooked And Slung

11th April 2021

Pressure may be the wrong word here but as a poet, there's some expectation that we see things differently, some belief that we are able to put three and three together and make seven. I have no idea on the truth of such things but I saw this the other day and it is funny to me how nothing defines my relationship more than this image. Sav the neatly hooked jacket, creases barely noticeable yet I am slung onto pole or over banister. I am thrown more often than placed. Pile-up over parked. All I know is I see things and compare them a lot. I have some strange comparison bank in my brain that I can draw from at any moment. I have no idea if this is normal so tell me if it is. It also helped me come up with this writing exercise for a new series called Cog Pushers. Things to get your creativity moving. Here's the first COG PUSHERS #1

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