Nature will break your heart to make you love it.

11th January 2021

This time last year, the rain fell so hard the river spilt its banks and what we once knew as a road wasn't a road anymore. But this ain't about the flood really. This is about how the water destroyed a couple flower beds and stopped cars getting anywhere and one lady had to get a new carpet but it was old anyway and she didn't seem to mind. We associate floods with damage and destruction but this flood just slowed us down and maybe that is all it was trying to achieve. Sometimes nature has to step in and save the humans from themselves. The year before the rain, the snow fell and one second, we were moving and then so suddenly, we were not. And I will bet you any money, somebody who was sleeping, woke up and they opened the curtains and cried as everything green was now white for they needed this break and only just realised how much. I guess all I am trying to say is that we lose so much of ourselves in the hurry. Breathe today. Realise what you need and take it before nature steps in and does it for you.

I posted this picture today on my Instagram and I found an old sequel I wrote and I didn't like it then and I'm undecided if I like it now but I am not a good self critic because, who is? Probably somebody but I've never met them and I doubt I ever will.

GIF of the day/life

Pretty much flooding. Pretty much overfilled.

Song time

I know Nickelback ain't the most loved band but this track is mad dope. Actually, the whole 'Curb' record is actually beyond decent and you should consider giving it a spin.

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