Mr Doveys Love Manual

14th February 2021


There's a chance Sav might murder me for using this photo but I love it and it is love day so that settles that. This is the face that influences all of the love poems. Minus the ones about tacos. But here's the real deal. Valentine's is a strange celebrating, trying to confine the love you have for somebody into a day. I put Sav photos in newsletters and on Instagram all year round when I have something to say, not just on February 14th because I have to. I find it strange of a day to depend such attention when I give it all year. There is no day she does not get 100% of me. No day where she will ever be less or any time our love will not matter as much. Today we celebrate our love but tomorrow we celebrate too. And everyday for the rest of eternity, we celebrate finding one another, having one another and being lucky enough to be loved. Good god I know how lucky I am and I simply can't contain that luck into a single day - this is an impossible thing.

The digital zine

As we all know, on every special occasion I do a zine and typically it's part of the 'AF' series but today it is totally different. I stumbled into this concept based of writing a fun love manual by Mr Dovey. Sort of a concept album but with poetry and right now it's still in its bare bones phase but I thought to keep the tradition, I'd post a sample. It's the same size as a normal zine and still lots of poems. The full version will be out 2022 and if you donate any money now, you'll get 20% off physicals when they drop. Sweeet.



Gif O clock

A playlist of looooove