Mother Lovers!

UK Mother's Day

This lady is a little crazy… but in all the best ways. This lady is my mother who is the kindest and strongest person I know. UK has a different mother's day to US and NZ and I don't even know if anybody shares our mothers day but it is today and I couldn't not dedicate this newsletter to her. It's been a good week but it has been the best day being able to celebrate the woman who raised me. I get lots of weirdness from her but lots of kindness too. I am beyond lucky to call her mother. So here's some poems about her! What was your highlight of the week and how are you?

3x3 express

Raised with gentleness

and hefty doses

of pure encouragement.

Gif O Clock

Another fact about my mother is that she's a gold medal Olympian in the house cleaning event - especially vacuuming.


Here's a bunch of songs that are titled after mums or include the word mother or are about mums.

Comments open to everybody as always on a Sunday.