Monday, Meow

23rd November 2020

I have a Jerry photo that matches every single one of my emotions. Jerry is the cat next door who also sometimes lives here and we have zero issues with that. I have a strange connection with animals, they find comfort in me, I find comfort in them and our mutual understanding makes life very easy. However, if I had to pick a spirit animal, I'd go with sloth. What do you think your spirit animal is and why? I think sloth because I don't like to rush. I like slow and steady. I like lazy days even though I don't get enough of them. The sloth is also weird as hell and so am I. So there's that. Sloths are also nocturnal and great at swimming and did you know there was once a giant ground sloth? Before this turns into a sloth newsletter (bad idea of the day: I should start a separate substack just about sloths) I wanna wish you the best for today. Don't let Monday win and if you get a chance, take a nap, you earned it.

A little dumb 3x3 for Monday!

Monday says hello

the way asteroids

greeted the dinosaurs.

Classical Rock driving music

Here's a hella good driving song for your Monday!

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