Monday, let's be happy.

7th December 2020

TODAY! I am going to blast you in the face with happiness. I know the world we live in isn’t exactly its best self right now and the world outside the window seems to be getting further and it’s Monday of all days but guess what? It’s okay. Wonder still exists. Magic still exists. We haven’t been eaten alive by spiders and we still haven’t run out of books. Getting more sleep makes you happy, exercise, sunshine and all that usual stuff but you wanna know something that is even better than all those things? WOMBATS!

Now I’d be lying if I said I had a plan to make this poetry newsletter revert back to its poetry roots but who is going to complain about wombats? So happy, poetry things. Limericks! Limericks can be filthy but also hilarious so I stole one from Google and who knows who wrote it but it made me smile so stop two on the tour of happy…

There was an Old Man with a gong,
Who bumped at it all day long.
But they called out, no more,
You're a horrid old bore,
So they smashed that Old Man with a gong.

Let us all be real honest and say this was a couple of words from total filth. How about we all write a happy, non-dirty limerick today to try and make ourselves happy? Maybe write to them about the things that annoy or anger us (Remember lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme and 3 and 4 rhyme). Maybe it is somebody at work:

There once was a man named Steve

who sat at his desk and ate cheese.

Why not try something runny

like jam or some honey

and on the way home, get eaten by bees.

I love cheese but don’t eat brie in a small office space. Monday advise! Give me some passion, some Monday rage. I wanna see these angericks.

Please start sharing this with anybody you think would enjoy this. I would love to build this community even more.

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