Monday, it's all about me

30th November 2020

Hello, I am Ash Raymond James. Weird for me to be introducing myself right? Well, lots of people have asked me to share more about me so let me start the week by doing that. This photo actually tells you a lot about me. I always have messy hair, I love layers (which is why the colder seasons are my favourite), I do a lot of things that make Sav shield her face and it is a very rare thing for me to feel embarrassed. Talking about Sav, she is my everything, in the most cheesy way possible. I don’t know how I ever survived without her as there are some days she quite literally ties my shoes. She is the salt to my pepper. I also like trains and messy art and even though I don’t drink alcohol, I love that old pub feel. I’ll start a whole thread called Ash facts and I will let you all know when I update it. I am very open about who I am so if there is anything particular you want to know, I have no trouble answering questions. Here is an example of some Ash facts:

3 random facts about me you might now know:

  1. I love cartoons. Adventure Time, Scooby doo etc. I sing the adventure time theme song a lot and Sav doesn’t enjoy it.

  2. Sorry cake lovers but I am not a cake person. I am very picky when it comes to cake and would pick cookies any day.

  3. I paint. Not very well but I do enjoy painting and 70% of the time they turn out very, very creepy.

Another thing people wanted was some behind the scenes look at my poems and that is also something I can do. Rain to me is super relieving. It is the one noise that I love. I have autism specifically Aspergers which means noise to me is an actual nightmare but rain is always okay. The noise makes me calm which cannot be said for a vast majority of other sounds. Anyway, all this inspired the 3x3 for today.

Let rain come

and wash away

the lingering sadness

I will also be posting little snippets of poems on Instagram now and the full poems here. That starts Wednesday! See you there and don’t forget I have Christmas prompts running through December, you can post them in the comments. Hope Monday hasn’t been too bad. Love and light