Monday, hello.

16th November 2020

I don't think we ever stop growing. I don't believe we will ever reach a point where we will run out of things to learn about the world, about the people we love or about ourselves. What a joy that is. I am the curioust of curious, a creature always wanting to know more of where we live and who I call friends and family so tell me something about you that I don't know, I am all ears.

I invented a new word just then so let's use it again for fun. This 3x3 is a mind boggle - enjoy it.

Curioust of curious,

searching for curious

amongst the ordinary.

Classic Rock could be the best music for driving…

This week I am also going to post a song a day to put the argument forward that classic rock is the best music for driving. I'll post a song or two a day and then release a full playlist at the end of the week. Let's start with a little AC/DC to really get the blood pumping - this is going to be fun.