Monday, A reflection

November 9th 2020

Hey everybody.

Sorry, this is finding you a little later than usual, it has been a Monday.

Reflection is a strange thing. It is only when truly looking back that I can see how far I have come. I get down often about being stagnant, about being stuck in someplace when really, I am always moving, no matter how slow. Monday is snail pace. It is the start that never actually got going. We have tomorrow though, we always have tomorrow.

Let’s forget today.

and we will

bloom again tomorrow.

A Monday Playlist

This is what I am writing to today. It is Lo-Fi vibes. And, yes, I am the moon man on Spotify.

Also, talking about reflection, how is this substack thing going? Are you enjoying it? What would you like more of, less of? What can I add to make it better for YOU? I am leaving this open to all. You can comment below and let me know. I was thinking of changing the schedule to what it is below to avoid so many emails in your inbox.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday -Newsletter to everybody.

Tuesday, Thursday - Subscription only.

Saturday, Sunday - Alternate

What do you think? I absolutely love doing these things so I want to make sure you love them too. Let me know, please.