mishaps and mistakes | nov 4th 2021

the hush makes mistakes and that’s okay…

Hey strangers and I say strangers because again I had another scheduling issue and I’m beginning to think it’s a sign that I should never do scheduling as it always seems to fail me. There is a positive from this though. It blends perfectly into a newsletter I have wanted to do for a while. A discussion on mishap and misfortune. As the week is drawing to a close it is almost a guarantee that this week we’ve made mistakes. Little or large. Spilt tea or sent an email to the wrong place. Overslept or maybe even something even bigger. I feel we as humans put so much weight on our mistakes. Allow them to shape us and define our qualities. Even if only in the moment where we calling ourselves stupid and kicking ourselves repeatedly whilst we’re down.

We allow small lapses to defeat us often and there is a lot more to it than simply letting go but we must let them go. You cannot help being stressed but being stressed has never changed the past. Stress isn’t the time machine we all treat it as. We must acknowledge our mistakes but find a way to not feed them until their bellies are nearly bursting. You can’t unsmash the vase or unburn the breakfast and the reality is that a clear mind provides a better solution. Now let’s rant about breath because breath is an oddball of a thing. The slightest alteration in the thing we do naturally to stay alive, makes our alive a better alive. I created a poetry form called Iho which stands for ‘In Hold Out’ and it’s a three line form consisting of five syllables per line to represent the seconds.


A few controlled sets of five can make the world of difference. We are so rushed and lost in hurry, we forget how small a minute is. We forget that when we are running late, we can take a literal minute to just breathe. Everybody talks about how short life is but the reality is, it’s pretty f****ng long. And it goes a lot smoother when we are able to handle situations in healthier ways. It also transforms our “short” lives that are actually long into “short” lives that are longer. Obviously there are times things get on top of us and that’s okay too. Sometimes we can’t escape or lessen the stress but next time something happens, the key snaps in the door, you step in a puddle that’s deeper than it looks, the workload is growing and time is shrinking, whatever it is, treat yourself to that minute to breathe. In for five seconds. Hold for five seconds. Exhale for five seconds. And repeat and repeat and repeat. We tend to get stressed and then push the pedal straight to hell but let’s just lift that foot a little and see what difference it makes. We are human after all, not machines and not alien workhorse’s. Things will go wrong but things will also become right again. Lizards regrow their tails, bears climb trees, miraculous things do happen. Even on the bleakest of days, there is a spark and there is some hope. You may not see it but I guarantee it is there. It all begins with breath. Breathe now and keep breathing. Slow and steady. You got this homies.

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