the hush uses capital letters

Holy mackerel. Today, is the day. The day my second full length poetry collection enters the world. Mind Noise Two The Adventures Of The Kid On Mars has been a long journey. Waiting for this to get into the hands of you, the readers, has been agonising at times but, love and behold, WE MADE IT.

I don't want to spoil too much but here is a poem from within it, titled 'It's impossible to spell depression without a little blood' - it's one of the four 'it's impossible’ poems in the book:

To all those who read these things, thank you. To everybody who bought a book, reached out, liked, shared, commented, etc, etc. Thank you. It is the book birthday and I am exhausted but in the best of ways. I cry when I think of this book being out there now, alone in the world with so much of my journey available for consumption. I hope you find yourself in this book, that there's something you take away and in my wildest dreams, I hope this book gives you superpowers. This book is my complete self and how much I pray that it is contagious. That it breeds confidence and is like an adrenaline shot for creativity. If you haven't picked up a copy yet, just know I have zero doubts in this book. I built it from rubble and now it is a castle. I am ending this one here. Going to go lay in a dark room and think about deer. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To preorder go HERE - See you Friday, homies.