mind noise

the hush gets noisy

Substackersssss!!!! Mind Noise Two is merely a week away and the excitement is uncontainable. I cannot wait until it is yours! In celebration of its almost release, I would like to talk about its name, Mind Noise. Mind Noise refers to anything that contributes to the noise in your brain. The endless thoughts, the worries, the things that keep you up at night, and it also refers to the emotions. The crying, the scares, the self-doubt, the self-hate, and for years I have used the phrase ‘drowning in static’ because it is this noise that bundles together to build the static. The more I write about the phrase, the more I realize the noise can be positive too. Today I simply ask what is contributing to your mind noise? If it isn’t something you want to talk about, jot it down, journal it because I find often that getting it out of the brain removes it from the static if only for a few moments. Today, I am feeling okay. Today my noise is waiting for dinner out of the house and waiting for Mind Noise Two to make it to you all. The excitement is destroying all the nasty little things that usually buzz. It is refreshing but I finally feeling hopeful. Make plans and find something to look forward to - it will truly, truly help. As always, I am here if you need somebody to listen I am a message away. One week homies, one week.


dead bird poems

In Mind Noise Two I have a poem about a dead bird on my driveway. The one above is a stream of consciousness poem I wrote in the same session. I much preferred the second and it went in the book but I like this poem too and now you get to read it. It actually ties in with this week's PROMPT AKA COG PUSHER so if you're subscribed, hit that link and get involved.

gif o clock

Were currently healthy eating and getting back into shape and two hours into it on Monday, this was me and has been me since.

the fends

Sam Fender has a new track out TONIGHT!! So here's a bunch of his songs that I love

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