Merry Monday

28th December 2020


I hope your Christmas break was all you wished it would be! I had a lovely festive weekend extending Christmas day over a three day period!

Beyond the joy of spending the day with Sav for the second time, this was my highlight of Christmas. It was so nice to watch the kids open presents and see the excitement in their eyes and this little one being amused by so little makes me beyond happy. It is always the little things that mean the most to me. After a year like we had, I needed a weightless day. A day where I could focus on nothing but the love and warmth around me. We all deserved that. I have no idea what the year ahead looks like but right now, let us take it one day at a time and take the precious seconds to enjoy the little moments that find us. What was your Christmas highlight? And does anybody want to share some shortbread because I got it coming out of my ears!!

I have this new 3x3 idea that I haven’t successfully managed to explain to anybody without confusion but I am going to try. Essentially, I want to an ‘instead of saying’ series. I am a jar of shattered glass and on each shard, there is some new emotion and I want to put my hand in and bleed in all-new ways. So let’s start this off with this one and hope it made sense. Instead of saying ‘I am sad’ 0.5:

I am anchored

to the seabed

of great emptiness.

And the Instagram one for today which is the same deal, instead of saying ‘I am sad’ 01

Darkness peers over

and it quakes

at my depths.

Another thing I am doing on Instagram is simplifying the style and saving the chaos pieces as alternatives for here. I will be doing two versions of the same poem but only posting the simplified style on Instagram. I will also be saving the longer pieces for this newsletter and doing my shorter poems over there. Here is an early look into the one I will be posting today.

Song of the day

This is actually a new song by Ed Sheeran and I dig it more than a treasure hunter digs beaches!

Gif of the day

This GIF is different because it isn’t about how I am feeling but it is more about the positivity of this newsletter battling the sadness and it looks exactly liiike this:

Of course, it is adventure time because I have a wee little obsession! HAPPY Monday everybody. Stay Safe out there.

Share Mind Noise by Ash Raymond James