let's redefine trains

all aboard the hush express.

When I say trains, what do you think of? Trains. Probably. Or maybe something more specific like Thomas the tank engine or double decker trains because what's better than a two story train? That's right, absolutely nothing. But this newsletter isn't actually about trains. So now let me ask you what you think of when I say, trains are your anxieties, they're the high speed barricades stopping you from crossing the track. So much of us goes unnoticed. Purposely ignored or lost in the shuffle of our days. When I say trains I mean crippling social anxiety! At least for me. Humans scare me lately. Not like, little girl ghost scary but more, oh shit I broke the vase and my parents are ten minutes away type scary. I guess this is my freight train, rattling and always outbound. And yeah, it's part mental health because you can't unscramble eggs but it's also part unexposure. You can't cure autism but it gets easier. I have to learn things you wouldn't believe need learning. Breathing in crowded spaces. Eye contact. Not screaming in public places for no reason. Making phone calls. And why am I telling you this? Well, everybody struggles somewhere with something. Somebody finds something you find easy, hard. What you call breezy, somebody calls a tornado. Unfortunately I have a condition that makes things extra hard at times. It is simple to stand on the other side of the rail and huff and puff over somebody's lack of passing but we must consider all of the factors. Today I am basically saying, don't be ashamed of your trains and don't expect everybody around you to be the same. This is where patience is vital, in the understanding of people and where they may find difficulty. It is too easy to assume we know all that is happening. Today, Substackers! Stop. Look. Listen. Be Aware Of Trains. Yours and everybodys around you. Beware was so last week.


We're all stations

waiting for trains

undesperate for departures.

I found this in an old notebook yesterday and wasn't sure how I felt about it. Next to the newsletter I actually love it. I'm going to get back to the timelapse videos very shortly, they were rad.

train stuff

This isn't a newsletter about trains but if it was, it would feature cool shit like articles such as: COOLEST TRAINS IN THE WORLD - because trains are mad dope. These trains are next level trains. A sweet train with four courses of pudding, yes f'in please.

gif o clock

And now we're down the train rabbit hole so here's one of my favourite levels from one of my favourite games and it features trains! Of course.

songs about boats. only kidding they're about trains.

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