let's get back on form

(ff now standing for form funtimes)

Replace mac with form and we got ourselves a theme song. Yes it's been a while, yes it took me longer to bring this back than I thought but you are here, I am here so let's get forming. Storming forming baby. As I like to use Sundays to reflect on the week gone, I thought of the way we can combine the two. First, the form. Sedoka - two verses, unrhymed, three lines following 5-7-7 syllable count. Traditionally they are love poems and collaborative meaning a seperate person writes each verse. I always feel there's creative license on older forms and I understand that what I'm about to ask isn't the typical use of Sedoka but it will be mad dope. I want you to write a love poem dedicating a verse to last week and a verse to the week coming up. For example, next week asking last week a question or last week offering advise to next week. Here's one I wrote:

We'll, this one for sad AF, with AF standing for as fudge (that's melted in the sun). Fudge melts right? Anyway! Here's a happier one:

You get the idea. Share if you can. I'd love to read them. Happy Sunday homies


Let's look back

and let go -

loosen your grip.

gif o clock

Not only are me and sav on a Jurassic Park binge but we ate too many fries this weekend so this is the perfect GIF to encapsulate all that.

something a little upbeat

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