Let's build something...

25th January 2021


Fragile creatures are we. It is strange when we realise how easy we are fractured but even stranger when we realise all we are capable of healing within ourselves. I guess this newsletter is sort of short and sweet because really, I just want to know:

How are you? How are you finding this year and how are these times treating you?

I left the comments open for everybody and you don't have to share but I want you to know you can. I know how important it is to let things out instead of holding them in. I understand not all things can be shared but let's build some unity and give strength to this community. I know a lot of you read and don't comment, today, I am asking that to change. Tell me, honestly. How're you? And don't be afraid to communicate with other people either! I built this place for me and for you. It is yours, as much mine.

Monday bursts in,

swinging a machete

holding happiness hostage.

Gif O Clock

MUVA PUKKAZ!!! This is me trying to avoid all of Mondays obstacles

Let's all make a playlist

To enforce the idea of unity,this is a collaborative playlist! Music is a great talking point so add 3-5 songs, any genre,any era and I'll also share them in future newsletters.Let's get to know some new artists and happy Monday to you all!! Tomorrow I am going to be doing a free for all deep dive into Tankas. Cannot wait. And if you aren’t subscribed yet, remember it is only $5 and you get a lot of extras and I will even increase Jerrys ham intake by 0.6% per subscriber.