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Here I would usually add a link to the prompt thread. To new cog pushers, however, today I am not. Today I am going to write the prompt right here so everybody can see the type of thing subscribers get. Today’s prompt is as follows:

From the perspective of your past self, write to your current self and cover what they would think of you. It can simply be a letter or a list of pros and cons or just a little poem. For example:

To the me

in the future,

keep being you.

or write a poem with this title:


Let your imagination go wild and if you want me to give more examples or do a poem with the above title, just ask. Peace out, homies.

gif o clock

Me thinking the weekend is almost here.

tokyo police club

If you don’t know this band, firstly they are hella dope. Secondly, the album champ means a lot to me, and here are my favorite songs from it. If you vibe to it, listen to the full thing. I will be doing a music write-up soon.

This was on the bonuses and remixes record

So there you have it. This is what subscribers get. If it has interested you at all, please consider subscribing. Just $5 a month is a great help when I am trying to support my family with my art but if you can’t, I get that too and still love you all the same.

I really want as many people on this platform as possible. Away from algorithms. So please share this with people who you think would like it. Tell them there is a free option and it is plentiful. Help me make this shift. Thank you again.

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