let it roar

the wednesday hush for everybody

I spend the summer nights sitting in the garden with a roaring fire, reading or staring as the wood burns gold. So much still I find in the simplicity. And before the fire burns, I am on the road with my favourite playlist and it all feels like enough. It all feels like a refresh before the restart. I am on the cusp of leaving a job I hate for good and settle into a schedule that will ease my mind for the better. More time to invest in the things that make me happy. I am lucky enough to chase such freedom. Above all things, I hope you are well and if happiness has not found you, I hope you are hunting it. Tell me how you are, I'd love it if you'd update me in the comments below 🙌🙌


I need nothing

but open roads

and your laughter

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Yo sky - I am Welsh. I wasn't built for this season.

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