Let Go. Hold On.

7th March 2021

Y'all! Hello. Good day. How are you all doing? I can't believe it is Sunday again. Another week flown by, another repeat and very little seperating the UK from the movie 'Groundhog Day' - talking of never ending cycle movies, I'm going to do a list of my favourite ones this week because there's an awful lot of them. I guess that's something to look forward to. Apart from that, we powered our way through two hobbit movies and had a lazy day and it was the best time of the week! I also have a popcorn addiction but we won't get into that now. For all of you who are going insane from lockdowns and whatever, we are on the brink of some level of freedom. Me and Sav have a date night planned at a drive in cinema and the idea of being anywhere but this house is CRAZY to me. Stay strong homies, we have come a long way and we can make it that little extra mile. I can't deny it's been hard. Lately the itch to just go has been almost overwhelming - driving for longer than ten minutes, walking somewhere different, little things I miss more than anything. Fuck. What a time. What a world to exist in. So as it is Sunday, let me ask again- how are your marbles? Rattling? Stable? How are you for reals feeling? I'm here if any of you need to vent. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and look after yourselves.

I like 3x3s that repeat an important message. It might seem like a cheap way to make things 3x3s but nah, I just legit love it. This is one of em and there's no graphic today because I didn't make one because the Hobbit exists. #blamebilbo

We're strong enough

to survive this.

We're strong enough.

Gif O clock

I got mad jealous when he said this. I'll fight Orcs if it means I can leave my house.

Oh no I had an idea

Okay so, this week Ima be posting two music tracks. One is an obscure genre you might not have heard of like Folk Punk and one song I think you'll actually like - so yeah, here's some Folk Punk. God it's going to be a weird week

If you hate this which is totally understandable, here's a song you'll probably enjoy

Tonight there's a wrestling show on and I wrote a whole article on it a few days ago and I somehow lost it and then cried and I didn't finish it in time #blamebilbo - so I'm going to post about it this week even though the show would have aired because a very small percentage of me is punk AF. True story. If you ain't subscribed then you should because you get even more of this madness. See y'all tomorrow. Comments open to everybody as usual

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