Last Friday before Christmas!

18th December 2020

This time of the year gets all in my feels. The chill of bones, the mist coming in slow and the haunted graveyard finally living up to its name. I am soothed by simple things but been feeling the rage lately. Learning slow how to put it away and refocus on the important things. Been forgetting the simple things that mean so much to this body. To this mind. What calms you in the dead of night when your brain starts its kamikaze mission? What makes you smile when sadness rolls into the shore? Comments are open for everybody, let's talk about happy things. Last Friday before Christmas, let's remember family and friends that love us.

I love dancing with sav under the glow of Christmas lights. Terribly may I add. Not a man of rhythm. Two million left feet and drunk at the sight of her.

Christmas in sight.

We dance slow

under twinkling lights.

GIF of the day

Friday songs

Let's start obvious… Friday, I'm in love by the cure because it's the f'in cure

Then a less obvious one, a cover of the cure by Phoebe Bridges

And one more cover by a clown under the moniker ‘Puddles Pity Party’ where he covers Friday I'm in love in the style of Bruce Springsteen - Mind Mess.

And finally a song about Friday that isn't a cover or the cure. Ice cuuuube. This song actually bumps.

Share Mind Noise by Ash Raymond James

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