kindness is more than kindling

the hush gets even kinder

Never considered myself better. Too lost in the worst I guess. Never paid much attention to leaders and followers, I am more pack mentality. More together or not at all. I am stunned almost daily by the lack of kindness in certain places. The racist, homophobic abuse still found on social media. The sexist stereotypes that still linger. I think of the minutes spent to spread such hate and all the minutes combined. On a smaller scale, I think of the people close and how they are treated. So much unjust and strange entitlement. Evidence that selfishness is a fog too thick to see through. Never considered myself better but seen a whole lot of worse. Never been too tired to lend a hand. There is so much out of our control but we have a choice on the language we use. On the messages we put out. On the way we speak to people. On if we bring the water from the well to stop the flames or just watch as it burns. We can choose kindness, I promise you, we can.


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Hey let's all get together and watch totoro together. Anybody in?

a song called kindness

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