8th March 2021

Today is international women's day which is the perfect time to stop and give thanks to all the women present in our lives. For their strength, courage and honestly, too many qualities to list. I celebrate Sav all days whether it is through these newsletters, through poetry or any other means. Today I want to stretch that further and say thank you to all of the women who support me, all of the ones patient enough to put up with me in any capacity and I want to say thank you for all that you do. As for Sav, thank you for loving me so intensely, for pulling me through the dark no matter how thick it gets. I grew up around women, the majority of my friends have always been women and without their guidance I'd be a hell of a lot worse off. Today is about you. It is your celebration. Accept it because good gosh, you deserve to be celebrated.

Taught me gentleness

in a world

of sharp edges

GIF O Clock

Estonian Bagpipes

Honestly unsure if this is a genre but it's dope as hell