It's Wednesday, time to laugh

4th November 2020

Happy midweek everybody. We have officially made it halfway. Yesterday’s newsletter was sad AF so today we are going to go the other way. Congratulations on your week so far. I wrote a dumb poem about little things and somehow it actually went somewhere and meant something so I will share that below. As for the laughing, let’s start off with a funny poem from my spirit animal, Neil Hilborn.

Laughter is a weird thing. It is picky and attuned to an individual. The poem above may not have made you laugh whilst I am here crying more than I probably should be. My humour is, put kindly, dumb as hell. It’s the kid in school who agreed to let somebody jump over him on their motorcycle and now they only have half a face. I also laugh at my own jokes and you should too because you know the type of humour that tickles you and it is a sure bet that your jokes line up with your humour. I can’t be sure what makes you laugh because like me, you are human and luckily, we are all different. So where ever your laughter hides today, find it and share with us what it is that made you laugh. Who even decides what funny is? Funny is a shapeshifter and we should probably kill it because if there is one thing I know about monsters, they will end up the villain but funny makes us laugh so we will let it live. See, dumb jokes. How did Moby Dick celebrate his birthday? He had a whale of a time. What is a pumpkin’s favourite sport? Squash! I mean, I can confidently say, I cannot breathe now due to the laughing. Have a good Wednesday and share some jokes, some laughs, some joy. I would love to get to know your humour.

Dumb 3x3 time. Because why not? Try and write one of these yourself using the starter line ‘Hell to me…’ - (Also it is sort of a lie because we eat pancetta more than we eat bacon but pancetta is just bacon in disguise)

Hell to me,

is a fridge

void of bacon

This is for all the people beating themselves up without recognising all the progress they are making. I wanted to put a real dumb poem here but I opted for this as it has its dumb moments but overall, has a pretty strong message. Enjoy

We can say

we're going to change

but what good

is planting new seeds

if we never water the soil?

Here's a fun fact.

New years resolutions

are just made to be broken.

We can't wake up and decide

to be better then magically

be better. It takes work.

We can't clean something

without making a mess first.

We can't be the bird

if we don't believe we can fly

but I guess we'll get to that.

We're all focused on being this,

on being that

on being the latest phase but

what about you?

So many people

want to be somewhere else,

doing something else

to become somebody else

but what about you?

The magazines tell us

we can have six-packs

in like four hours

and all we need is kale

and we'll drop a hundred pounds

in like a day,

however, the health articles

don't tell you this.

They don't tell you

to appreciate

the little achievements.

You didn't add bacon to your burger,

great job.

You got a dozen doughnuts

and you gave two away,

go you!

Hell, if you only put one point nine sugars

in your tea,

congratulations, that's progress!

We got to learn to walk

before we can fly.

We got to understand

that like flowers,

we take time to grow.

Rome wasn't built in a day

but by day two

there were already some foundations.

Whatever you want, you can have it

but not here and not right now.

Have a slither of cake

that's a slither less than your last slither,

think about meditating

a little more than you thought

about meditating

the day before.

Its all progress.

It’s all heading in the right direction.

And you should be proud of that.

I'll upload a recording of this poem later. Have the best day.

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