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6th April 2021

I know not everybody wants to read about hip hop so scroll down for the GIF and the song and to get an exclusive look at the Tinroof cover for our upcoming anthology.

Recently I was recommended three albums by somebody and they asked if I'd write about them but here's the honest truth, I appreciate what Pop Smoke did for his genre and his city but New York Drill is something I have never clicked with. However, on this list of albums there was one that stood out. DeCaprio 2 by JID and mainly because it dropped In 2018 and 2018 was a crazy year for hip hop so let's talk about that one.  Here's a wee little write up about how I feel about that record.

When DiCaprio 2 dropped in 2018 I remember it gaining a lot of traction - it was the late comer of the year barely making it into November and if we talk about 2018 as a year for hip hop music, it was a year that kept throwing punches. Eminem returned to form with Kamikaze and shocked the world. G.O.O.D music dropped three records, J Cole dropped KOD and broke the Apple Music 24 hour streaming record. Astroworld dropped. And even though the album didn't live up to the hype, Drake dominated the summer with Scorpion. Lil Wayne even released Carter V after a seven year gap between the previous installment of the series. There were also a lot of lesser named yet well loved artists releasing music and all of this is vital to know if we are going to discuss DiCaprio 2. Because when that record dropped the words 'album of the year' found its way into my twitter feed more often than I expected it too. Let's get this out the way. The influences between J.I.D and Kendrick are almost too obvious at times but I can't decide whether it's copying or just the way they both naturally flow and whether they both have that nasally voice but they both seem to find comfort in the chaos soundings of delivery and quite honestly, that's that. After such a year in hip hop, you didn't expect somebody as fresh as J.I.D to be getting such praise. That's not me suggesting he didn't deserve it because spoiler, he did! But even with him being on J Coles label, after such a year it was pretty difficult to do anything that stood out  By November, 2018, I was pretty much spent and all rapped out. I spun it anyway and found myself constantly replaying it. First off are the beats, Slick Cuts is some futuristic, old school, boom bap baby of a thing and it feels inventive. Every beat on here is worth hearing even before JID raps on them.

Off Deez features his mentor J Cole and there's no sign of nerves from JID. Off Deez almost feels competetive. A battle for the best verse and the fact that JID can stand toe to toe with Cole on a track says a great deal about how talented he is. If we draw back to the Kendrick comparisons and address the voice inflections and dramatics, these are added not only for effect but they allow JID to rhyme what doesn't rhyme. Twist words and make two puzzle pieces that were never designed to connect, connect. In a year that birthed the supergroup, August Greene and Jericho Jackson and saw the sophomore records of Prhyme and Saba along with hosting the come together of Joell Ortiz & Apollo Brown, the year was in no short supply of greatness. I circled back to listing these records because I truly cannot emphasise how good 2018 was for hip hop. However, it was also a year we lost XXXTenacion after the release '?' along with Mac Miller weeks after his 'swimming' album release in August. Swimming officially went on to go platinum - an accolade he deserved years before he got it but it is mesmerising how a person's greatness boils at the surface after their death. Not to say they didn't have it before but more how much you overlooked their talent. It could be how we humans takes things for granted when they are here but honestly, I do not know for sure.

What I do know is that JID followed all of this. Realistically, delaying the album till 2019 might have helped the record stand out more and likely would have found itself in more lists in higher positions but releasing it in 2018 and managing to still make it into numerous top tens is a feat like no other. It was a middle finger to the doubters and it was a bold statement that he belongs on Dreamville, belongs being mentioned amongst the modern day greats and most importantly proved that sticking to the art you know pays off eventually.  Shine so bright, they can't even close their eyes. J.I.D managed to create a record you could play from front to back which is an unfortunately rare thing. When everybody thought they were done and 2018 had thrown its last punch, J.I.D came swinging and landed a knockout. It's the sort of triumph that should inspire you - the sort of accomplishment that makes you, the listener, feel personally spectacular.

What a year. And what a god damn feat.

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