It's Tuesday, time to cry.

3rd November 2020

Hey everybody.

Generally, I am a very energetic happy person who’s attracted to sad things. Sure, there’s the depression that shoots the elevator down beyond the basement but, overall, happy Ash who loves sad things. So today, we are going to get sad and it’s going to be beautiful. Below I will show you one of the many beautiful collaborations I know. This one is Igor Oro through the vision of Luxurious Symphony. The combination is an equally stunning and heartbreaking piece of art.

Now all the sad feels are lingering, let’s talk about it a little more. I don’t know why humans are attracted to sad things. Maybe it’s the ability to relate or the sudden realisation that, fuck, we aren’t alone. I also don’t know why so many people are ashamed to be sad. This world is too busy to not get lost in. It is too busy to remain okay, 100% of the time. Crying is the biggest mystery of all, how it has evolved to be some statement about strength. How there are still communities and groups that define tears as a weakness. I want to crush that myth right now, crying isn’t a weakness, it is a display of emotion and guess what? We all feel emotions. Crying isn’t even a display of sadness all the time, sometimes, I am just overwhelmed and feel my eyes flooding. Sometimes, something is so beautiful, I cannot stop the tears from coming. Sometimes, I don’t even know why I am crying but my body clearly needs a release. What I am basically saying is, whatever you need to feel today, give yourself space to feel it. If you’re angry, worried, scared or sad, feel it and just let it be. Happy/sad Tuesday everybody, look after yourselves and stay safe.

This 3x3 started with the phrase, let it go, hiding your hurt makes it worse. And even though that is a 3x3, I thought I'd poetry it up and make it better.

Set it free,

Birds inside cages

only grow anxious.

Here's a poem from Halloween AF, that's sad AF

*For subscribers only, today I will be starting the ‘Poetry Books You Should Read’ and ‘Books You Should Read That Aren’t Poetry’ threads. I will also be posting an essay on slam poetry this week and doing a full read of ‘Halloween AF’. See you there.*

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