It's Thursday let's be happy.

17th December 2020

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A friend bought me this for Christmas, so today I'm going to use it as the central point of this newsletter. By nature I am the sloth. It is my spirit animal. Which at times seems contradictory based on how fast my mind runs. But philosophy wise, hell yeah, sloth all the way. The cup says 'Don't hurry, be happy' and it's such a simple message but such an important one. Too many people are lost in the rush of life. I've talked about time for self a lot this week but I'll say it again! Make time for you. There is so much to get lost in, so much to do, so much to see and so much to put fake importance on. I am a runaway train some days, hurrying to get things down by an imaginary deadline. There are days I believe I am getting old and racing against the clock but realistically, things will happen when they are supposed to and thirty is far from old. I wrote a poem about this world based on an observation of an old man crossing the road. I'll leave it below. What's your spirit animal? And remember, today, don't hurry, be happy 🙃

I said it above, don't waste the time you have worrying about how much time you have. Enjoy your seconds. They are yours.

Don't waste time

worrying the seconds

down to ash.


Nobody offers a hand. Nobody offers to carry his bags, nobody offers anything. He is the bomb and, the squad is yet too arrive. This is the pedestrian warzone where everybody becomes a bullet, shot from a corporate gun or fired from a cannon constructed by social media ads, an algorithm that promises magic beans but we planted them and the garden is home to nothing but weeds that refuse to leave and echoes of childish laughs but we haven't laughed in a while. We laugh out loud and make no sound and I wonder how long it'll be before we lose gravity too. We are being told where to go and how to get there. We are following the breadcrumbs of guess work. Today I woke up and I did not know who I was and I did not know, where I was going.

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Thursday Song

See you on the otherside.