It's Sunday let's talk about 2021

11th April 2021

Me and Sav just came back from a three day getaway to another part of the country a couple hours away and honestly, it felt like paradise. To escape more than a few miles beyond our bedroom was a treat. I feel the loosening of restriction with COVID and I hope we are able to be sensible and make sure we don't end up in lockdown again. There is fear after seeing the crowds - the clusters of people - the come together and the forgetfulness after the awkward hellos. The hugs given in rebellion. We are more free than we have been in months and although I feel refreshed, driven and ready to move forward, I still worry about what's ahead. We are still in this together. Let's not forget that. We are still in this together. So how do you feel about it? How do you feel in general? What's up with you? Let's talk. Comments open to ALLLLL.

This encapsulates what Sundays are all about.



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