It's not as bad as it seems.

20th December 2020

Hey Substackers.

Yesterday the UK went back into lockdown and Christmas was sent hurling into disaster for so many people. With this news, I've now decided the least I can do is post some 3x3s on my Instagram because now more than ever, happiness is needed. So that's what I am doing. Daily 3x3s on my Instagram as well as daily 3x3s on here. A double dose. Here's both of the 3x3s from today.

Here's a short poem of a long series.

How to write poetry vol. 01

When a blank page becomes a blackhole sharpen the pen,

slice yourself open and jump in. Jump in, like it is the last

thing, you'll ever get to do.

GIF of the day

Songs of the day

I am in a hip hop state of mind so enjoy.

This week coming we are going to be all chill and festive as Christmas is on the horizon. I got big plans for 2021. I cannot wait to take this to the next level.

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