It's Friday, let's go.

11th December 2020

Hey Substackers,

I only just realised that the newsletter I was sending out yesterday was scheduled for next week because basically, I'm an idiot. So, hello. And welcome to Friday!

I hope the week has been good for you all. I have been battling some shit lately, sadness mostly, but every time I find myself crawling out, I take a step back, and I remind myself of a few things. These things also apply to you, yes, you! You are stronger than you know. Braver than you believe and capable of so much more than you could ever dream. I find my joy in such small things and there are times I forget that. Lucky to be able to escape, lucky to have love, lucky to be alive, lucky for the smallest of all things. To be able to go to the store and buy food, to be able to cook it and have a place to eat it. To be able to use the word home. To wake up and feel warm. There is so much we naturally take for granted and I listened to a German man on a podcast and it strangely knocked me out of my funk. To hear somebody remind me of all I have to be grateful for really helped. I will find it for you all and give you time stamps and whatever on the next newsletter. For now, though, tell me. What are you most grateful more?

Never forget gratefulness.

For we’re here

and we’re breathing.

Poetry recommendation of the week.

Let's make this a thing. Every Friday, I'll give you all a poet or a book you should check out to help you discover some new people and maybe you can give me one back in return in the comment section. Dope?

This week Rudy Fransisco released his second full-length debut titled 'Fly Away' and I finished it this morning and I can confirm, it is as good as the first. So check it out, it's called

A few albums to check out

  1. Ryan Adams has finally returned with a very personal sombre record titled ‘Wednesdays’ after a lengthy hiatus and it is an incredible piece of art

  1. You probably don't know the candle thieves but you should because they're awesome. This record is light, fun and a nice, easy listen

  1. And for hip hop fans, Kid Cudi returns with the third instalment of the Man On The Moon series after a decade since the second one. This has such a varied sound, I'm sure you'll find something you love

Have the best weekend everybody. Here is the prompt list below of the prompts I am doing for December on Instagram as well as the poem I did for ‘Perfect Winters Night’ incase you missed it.

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