it will work out

the hush asks for a little belief

I don't typically open these newsletters with 3x3s, in fact I would say it is rare. However, today I am doing it because I wrote something that I needed to hear and maybe you do too. My brain sometimes takes my poems in directions I wasn't expecting. This was one of those moments. I don't actually know whether this counts as a poem or whatever but yo, this is just a ramble and I actually have stuff to say so let me say it (mum!). I am feeling stuck for many reasons but it seems as though the moment I loosen my grip on hope something swoops in to tell me to keep going. It's the extra month of bill money I made of design or the poetry contest I won or the poetry slam I made it into. I am affirmed constantly by the universe that I am heading in the right direction even if I am doing it in slow motion. And yes you can probably say, that's a load of hippy crap but how long can you ignore reassurance? I am going to make it and I don't really know where or what it is exactly and it might not be what I expect but I'll make it there and it's going to make me happy. If you give in to what you love and work and fight for it, you will make it to where ever you are supposed to be. If now you feel shitty, please remember

it'll work out

how it should

when it should.

gif o clock


a happy song. No this is not a joke.

and that's it homies - I'm almost ready to get old tin cup going properly - I'm super excited. I'll see you Friday if you've subscribed. If you haven't - hit the button

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