it is probably about time i told you i am an alien

the sunday edition of the hush

mind noise two is officially wrapped. i finished the last essay this morning and now it needs proofing before being sent to print. i spend a lot of my time feeling uncertain about all things but this book is something i am sure on. pride doesn't begin what i feel about this. i lost a lot of sleep, a little blood and what was left of my sanity but the end product was beyond worth it. i am totally spent but in the best of ways. today i ate a roast dinner and watched a movie and that's sunday. don't let today be too busy, relax, you've earned it. and as for mind noise two, it'll be yours soon!! form posts will also be fortnightly to keep it fresh. Look back at your week and forgive all you are still holding onto. Tomorrow we begin again. Let us start fresh.


A rainy Sunday

with the potential

to become anything.

If this has a forth line it would definitely say, or absolutely nothing!

(i need a tripod for this but it's cool right? Like if it wasn't an earthquake)

gif o’clock

Pretty much sums it up.

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cog pusher #5 (writing exercise)

songs to dance weird too because sundays are for dancing weird

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