i am tired and thankful.

the statement above this is the understatement of the year.

Yesterday I did the first set comprised of purely Mind Noise Two poems and it was refreshing to know the poetry took off and landed well. I am still in disbelief that I finished this book and managed to make it what it is. I don't really have anything new to say about it other than again, I am so damn proud of it. Pieces of this place have found themselves tucked between its covers, it is a collection of all things of the last year. Upon writing these newsletters I am learning so much about myself. What was setup to be a positive place for you has become a positive place for me and just like that, the hush creates another way for us to become an us. It is you who made this book and this newsletter what it is - with the support, the encouragement, the love, the community and so on, forever. Today I am feeling thankful and I simply can't write this thing without saying thank you, to you. It really doesn't even begin to cover it but it is a start and for now, I believe that is enough. Sit back today and before this week takes a big hefty swing towards your face, think of all you are thankful for. The who or the what. And if it is a who, say thank you and who knows, maybe it is exactly what they needed to hear today. Let me start this chain reaction, this one is for you, yes, YOU!


Without you here

I reach zero

and explode inwards

I could've said implode but it doesn't sound as badass. Sometimes you got to rebel and break the rules. Brb, joining a biker gang.

gif o clock

I don't know and I don't apologise

Sunday acoustic

Thank you again, homies. See you Wednesday with new poetry, prompts and discussions! ✌️and don't forget to tell your friends to about this badass newsletter

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It might not be badass