Hush the hurry

17th march 2021

Looked out at nostalgia today. At familiar waters, a familiar bridge from that one poem I wrote (don't worry I'll post it below) and honestly I had no idea where those years have gone. I am impatient right now, feeling stuck in a place I want to escape and with time I will. I forget too often that there is only harm in the hurry and regret in the rush. Looking out today, taking all this in, this grand familiar made me think of time and how we choose to spend it. How with age we lose pieces of ourselves or more accurately, old pieces find themselves anew with us and change, no matter how subtle, is inevitable. There is too much energy fighting that and I have learnt to let it come. One day at a time, saviour these seconds and silence the static.

Hush that hurry.

Tomorrow will arrive

when it's ready.

Question of the day

Why are lowercase letters sexier than uppercase letters? Genuine question. I love lowercase letters and that's just a fact.

Gif O clock

I am addicted to Vikings. Season 4b now! 1.5 seasons to go. Second question, what ya binging?

The hurry and the harm

Talking about hurrying and harming made me think of this record. City And Colour are one of the best. Greatest concert if my life. October 13th 2011. This came after that but it's mad freaking dope. Until next time….