honesty is the best cup of tea

the tuesday edition of the newsletter on a wednesday. more details inside.

Firstly, full disclaimer, this newsletter finds you a day late. Yesterday I couldn't pull anything positive out of myself and it wasn't the right mindset to be writing a positive newsletter that's supposed to make people more positive. I ain't ashamed of my sadness and sometimes, you got to recognise what you're realistically capable of. So essentially, me missing a day from the lack of positivity is the positive thing I want to talk about today. Knowing when to step back. Not feeling bad for listening to your emotions and taking the day easy. Too often we push ourselves through the fog without knowing what's on the other side and sometimes it's a cliff edge but we are all strangely comfortable with the risk. As far as this analogy goes, that fog has to clear before we move forward. I know in a world moving at lightspeed, taking a second can feel impossible. But I bet you can find a few minutes today to sit with yourself and really get a feel for how you're feeling instead of pushing all the shit to the back and hoping it never catches up. We are fragile beings, ceramic pretending to be vibranium but for what? It is okay to need a break. It is okay to be sad. It is okay to cry. It is okay for it all to feel like too much and not quite know what the 'it' is. What you are feeling is valid and don't ever convince yourself otherwise. Or let others tell you it isn't. You are human and no matter how hard we try or how much we try to be, we will never be perfect and there's something relieving about that. You are human and you are allowed to act like it. Happy Wednesday homies.


Let yourself feel.

Face the sadness,

come out stronger.

new old

i am redesigning the mind noise one cover to match mind noise two and I'll share the full thing soon but for now check out the new typeface:

gif o clock

One of my favourite games of all time. Hella dope.

sad songs to banish the sadness

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