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The weekday edition of the hush

(last week i threw out this challenge. one positive a day made into a poem. Here's the result)

  1. We laughed before sunrise and made the sky jealous

  2. We drove through the storm and the destination felt like survival.

  3. We went nowhere yet it still felt like an adventure

  4. You tell me it’s going to be okay and I believe you

  5. We play basketball in the rain and I know what it is to say, nothing can slow us down and mean it

  6. You jump out of your seat in reaction to a movie and I realise how lucky I am to say, we.

  7. We followed the meandering path and the trees bowed to greet us.


Then you smile

and everything falls

perfectly into place.

exclusive first look


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gif o clock

Pretty self-explanatory

hip hop & it don't stop

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