Here we go again

22nd March 2021

Yesterday I talked about slowing down and today I woke up with too many thoughts and not enough headspace to contain them. I spill in weird ways sometimes. This little doodle isn’t exactly great from an artistic point of view but zooming in and focussing on those little details really pulled me together. Inspired by the little house series by the daily doodle - Took me away from the world and gave me a space to escape. It isn’t always words for me. It isn’t always straight forward delving into myself and pulling out the noise but there is one constant which is whatever it is, is usually something I am not particularly great at but enjoy doing. Painting, drawing etc. I feel there is so much pressure on quality but realistically, if you love it, do it. If it brings you peace, do it. My head is a house fire doing shots of gasoline right so I am going to leave it at this - if the world feels like too much today, find yourself something to throw all of you into. It will help, at least for a little while. Happy Monday.

Gif O clock

Nothing says calm the fuck down better than Bob Ross stroking a baby deer.

Weird but wonderful songs of the day