Hello Monday

14th December 2020

Today is the sort of day where I get lost in somebody else's story. I've been so absorbed by poetry lately, I haven't taken the time to pick up some fiction and get lost in some fantasy world. Today I started exploring 'S’ and it is such a strange world to get lost in. Two stories in one. Pull outs, letters, etc. I haven't finished a novel since 'House Of Leaves' because that straight up, messed my brain up. I guess I'm telling you this because it's important to take some time for you. To care for yourself and do things that make you happy. I know how it feels to feel like time is running out every second and what it is to be in a race against nobody else but my thoughts. So let's start the week off well. Do something today that's for you and about you. Five minutes, ten minutes, an hour, it doesn't matter, just put yourself as top priority for a few moments. I promise it will help. On that note, what escapes do you have? Maybe you knit or play garage soccer. Let me know and have a great Monday wherever you are.

You are worth

your own time.

Your own love.

This is the 3x3 I put on Instagram today about a Starbucks incident involving a girl paying for a coffee for an old panicked lady and throwing in some free cake too.

Untitled poem 2

Found yourself

reduced to rubble,


you rose like mist

over valleys.

Like smoke

from bonfire.

Some slow motion


and who knew,

there was such

a thing.

Gif of the day

This is probably the perfect gif for Monday and exactly where I'm at. Hope you're all good. See you tomorrow.

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