3rd February 2021

And there are days, I actually do. I try and mix my darkness with a little sunshine and imagination. I don't always succeed but I try. I have a knack for finding the light in heavy places - for being the balloon instead of the anchor even on the days my body is a protest to all things good for me. I have zero idea where I inherited the attitude or this ability but I am beyond grateful. To find the diamond in a pile of broken glass is probably my superpower. Anyway, happy Wednesday. Find the gold in the muddy middle of this week, it isn't always shining but it is there,waiting to be discovered.

Be the light

in dark places,

be the hope.

Gif O clock

I found a gif that is the exact replication of how I dance. I'm considering filing a lawsuit.

Groove to this…

For fun..


Share Mind Noise by Ash Raymond James

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