guilt and courage | 22nd nov 2021

the hush talks about guilt and courage

Had a conversation with a friend today about guilt and wanted it to spill over into this space. He recently had to walk away from a friend who had seemingly lost interest and care and they had become a cause of more bad than good. It is common for us all that even when we are being affected negatively, we stick around in fear of hurting another somebody. We often carry a feeling of guilt for putting ourselves first and I want to start this week off with a simple reminder with the potential to become a mantra. It is okay to put yourself and your feelings first. Let us repeat that but change the tense. It is okay to put MYSELF and MY feelings first. It really is.

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I know courage plays a part too. Having the courage to walk away from things that are a cause of negativity because, in this situation, you still care about the person but how they make you feel isn’t fair. Realistically is it even a friendship anymore if the only thing binding you is guilt? And there are a trillion other situations where guilt becomes the glue or guilt becomes a control panel controlling our actions. Guilt is another form of hypnosis but you should never let it have power over you. You matter. Your feelings matter. And the right thing doesn’t always feel good but your joy should always be a top priority. Happy Monday homies, hope the week is kind to you.

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and here are two songs, one called guilt and one called courage. Full circle is the only way to go baby. Whoo, whoo, whoo.

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