Friday, Welcome

27th November 2020

Christmas is almost here and we officially have our tree up!! This is my favourite decoration because french fries. French fries should be called miracle sticks but that's a discussion for another time. Our Christmas decorations are up and we have this thing where our ornaments are memories from day trips, holidays etc. I think one of the best parts of all holidays are the traditions that are formed with the people you love. Are you a Christmas person or a true humbug? What's your favourite and least favourite parts? I can't stand the Christmas rush that makes everywhere busy because it makes my autism slip into its riot gear. Happy Friday everybody, have a great weekend.

Today I present a Christmassy 3x3. he original was ‘sing the songs’ but I spiced it up with the use of the word, carols.

Sing the carols

that your demons

hate to hear