Friday, the family business

20th November 2020

Today is a strange newsletter of a thing because it is only half poetry and half TV show talk. I won't give any spoilers for fans of Supernatural but yesterday it aired its final episode after fifteen years. I've been watching religiously for ten of those fifteen and damn, it's odd how attached you get to these things, to fictional characters and places. I cried and it is truly the end of an era. Share some of your favourite shows that you are dreading ending or some that have already ended. The ending of Supernatural got me good and the ending was fantastic (minus the god awful cover of Carry On My Wayward Son) despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic. I guess sometimes you just got to say goodbye to things and even when you know they are coming, they still manage to punch you in the face. This week has been long and I honestly cannot wait to see it in the rearview.

The supernatural motto is 'saving people, hunting things, the family business' so I made a 3x3 based on it.

The road ends.

The business shuts.

The people, saved.

Not the most elaborate thing but damn, it's over. And I'm going to be posting a lot of supernatural poems because I'm heartbroken haha.

Here are a couple of poems that are not mine but ones you need to hear. This is a poetry newsletter after all 😉 First up, even if you've heard it before. It's such a thought-provoking piece. Phil Kaye is a hell of a poet.

And here's Sarah Kay totally slaying!!

I'm going to get some sleep over the weekend and next week we gon get super nerdy. Get readyyyy. Happy Weekend Substackers. Stay safe.

Love and light