Friday, let's sleep now

4th December 2020

Hello Substackers!

The poem above is a snippet of an ode from Mind Noise Two but I took this part and made it into its own graphic. Enjoy!

I have this phrase, 'sleep now, it's over’ and I have no idea where it came from but I find it strangely reassuring. To me it's beyond what it screams on the surface. It's a message to the worry, to the panic, the the whirlwinds that spin inside us. Breathe and let it sleep, even if it's only for a moment. We all some peace in the craziness of it all. Find some this weekend whether it's with nature, reading, video games, take some time for you this weekend! Today's 3x3 is actually about that…

You matter too.

Don't feel selfish

for self love.

Too many people do feel some level of guilt for taking time for themselves but you shouldn't, for you are important too. See you tomorrow for another newsletter everybody! Happy Friday. Give this a listen, there's some subscriber stuff below.

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I am also almost done with the slam essay. Hopefully next week you'll see it.