29th January 2021


This photo felt appropriate because this week has felt like I have been traipsing through mud. Some long walk to nowhere. I apologise if there has been less activity or any feeling of less in these things, I always give my all but some days my all feels so little. Take something positive from this though, that there are times you wake up on the wrong side of life and that's okay. It is virtually impossible for any of us to be 100%, 100% of the time. If the day sits heavy on your skin, take it slow and shake it off gently. Also remember you are not alone. Even when you feel like you most definitely are, I promise you are not. For one, I am here and that will apply always. So in summary, I'm a sad boy with a noisy mind but that old cliché of it’s ‘okay to not be okay’ is a good dude and we should listen to him when he speaks. It's okay if your wings aren't working, the sky will wait till tomorrow. Ima follow this newsletter up with a sequel when my brain is working better. Happy Friday!!

You'll be okay!

If not today,

there's always tomorrow.

GIF O Clock

A movie recommendation

Blame Sav

This is Savs favourite band and it has infiltrated my Spotify so now they will infiltrate yours. You're welcome.


I probably did this for one person but I love wrestling and I love writing so it was actually quite refreshing. I need to rework my mind into writing more engaging pieces but this isn't a bad starting point - read below.

Mens Royal Rumble 2021

Share Mind Noise by Ash Raymond James

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