Form Friday

19th March 2020

Hey nerds! How's your Friday going? For today's form we’re going to do (y)X(y) poetry. I totally made that up to make you go, OH SHIT and I don't know if it worked but algebra is scary bro. Anyway, essentially today pick a number and that's your y value. I wouldn't advise going above ten unless you're an absolute lunatic but it is YOUR choice. So let's say you pick 2, you would do 2x2

The sun

rised slow

Or if you picked 3, you'd do a 3x3

The sun rised,

slow and steady.

The hurry scowled

Maybe you go for 1 and do a 1x1



But you get the picture! If you're feeling brave, roll a dice - that's a way to make it even more fun. So enjoy and I can't wait to see your creations.

GIF O Clock

This is actually true.

Beiber Fever 2021

Justin Bieber just dropped a dope record. Yeah, I said it. A dope as hell record! The stand out point for me is the instrumental choices. After that ringtone album shit aka 'Changes' it is nice to hear Justin on beats again and not stuff that's good for tik tok. Here's one of the songs featuring chance and don't forget to click HERE go hear my favourite tracks of the week and my weekly playlist of new releases

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