Form Friday

Kimo Poetry

Today we are doing haikus but they aren't called haikus and they don't follow the syllable count of haikus but they are haikus! Let me explain. Today's form is actually the Israeli version of haiku called 'Kimo'. Because of the Hebrew language, they essentially needed more syllables to say the same things. It still doesn't make sense why the first and third line are different counts unlike haiku but I'm sure whoever invented it was smart and knew what they were doing. Anyway, the syllable count goes as follows:

Line 1 (10 syllables)

Line 2 (7 syllables)

Line 3 (6 syllables)

A three line poem following that syllable count equals a kimo poem. You've been educated, son. Now here's two of mine and one that isn't mine:

I find myself slipping back into you,

your call across the empty,

whispering hello…friend

Stagnant in this place. Stuck at the station

but there's no service running,

no train of thought coming.

Good luck!

Fell into myself.

The deep well

of self-hate.

Gif O Clock

You know when your day be going great then your brain is like, haha

Well today is sort of like that. Not sort of. Entirely. It is entirely like that.

The Delay

On Friday I usually throw up a playlist of releases and my favourite songs but as I said up there, my brain shutdown out of nowhere so I haven't had time to get it done. However, I will get it to you tomorrow with a bunch of the subscriber stuff I had planned before my mind punched me in the face. Here's some dope songs till then: