Form Friday

27th February 2021


Here we are again! Round two of form Friday and today I want to take it hella breezy and create some blackouts. A blackout poem also known as an erasure, is poetry made from existing text. Let Tyler Knott Gregson show you what I mean:

You can do this with old books, articles, newspapers, literally anything with existing text can be transformed into poetic dopeness. You could just take a photo of the pages and do this digitally if you don't want to wreck your books. Rudy Francisco did an erasure of song lyrics and made it look like so:

I do all my blackout poems using Twilight and I think some might say that I cheat but to me, it's just using what I have and making it work. Best advice I have is don't ever be afraid to step outside of the box. Blackout poems are fun, let them be that. Some create artwork like Instagram user

Here's some of mine, including today's 3x3 not in 3x3 form.

So have fun. Be a rebel. Bend the rules. And regret nothing. This one is my favourite and I don't know why:

GIF O Clock

The blackout is also one of my favourite wrestling moves. I didn't know this was going to turn into a facts newsletter but it did.

Music Friday

It would be rude to do a newsletter about blackouts and not acknowledge 'The Blackout'

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