Form Friday

26th March 2021

Todays form Friday is a strange one! Because it isn’t actually a form at all. Yet I will still call it one because I am a rebel till I die. Are the lifespans of rebels shorter? Probably but that isn’t why we are here. TODAY! I want you to write fun poems. Legit as simple as that. As I call them, dumb poems, because my dumb doesn’t actually mean dumb, it means, fun and light-hearted and has nothing to do with the smarts in your brain. Write poems that don’t take themselves seriously and don’t hold back on being entirely silly. Some ideas, write your life from the perspective of a potato. Write about being a potato and having a preferred way of being cooked. Tell us a funny story via poetry or prose. Write a poem in the form of a knock-knock joke and make sure the punchline is utterly terrible. Basically, let go. It is the end of the week so let us laugh and have a great time by writing the dumbest shit we can think of. Dope. Here is a new one of mine in 3x3 format, an adjustable poem (a poem you can personalise easily) and my classic Avalanche poem from Mind Noise.

Gif O Clock

Essentially make your poems as fun as a cat water skiing.

Fun Songs

Also, not so fun but one of the new release this week was NF and his mixtape CLOUDS. This is a song from it but the video is pretty much essential. It's insane.

As for my favourite songs of the week plus a new releases playlist, CLICK HERE for those things. Happy Friday.

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