Form Friday

12th March 2021

It's Friday so you know what that means! It's form Friday baby! And this week we're going to be taking a dive into dodoitsu poems. It's Japanese again which means that yes, we are once again counting syllables but counting is fun right? If any of you are tripping up on certain words or getting confused, remember there a website called How Many Syllables that can help. The word 'every' still messes me up. Anyway! Let's get Dodoitsuing.

I don't want to confuse anybody but these aren't typically counted in syllables but moras. However, I won't be doing the mora version because it is mad difficult and I want these to be fun not totally mind-warping. So we gon break the rules and count syllables 7-7-7-5 which is exactly what a Dodoitsu is.

This is falling apart whole (7)

This is waking up asleep. (7)

This is getting lost whilst found. (7)

This, is half way home. (5)

So I wrote a more slam style poem in the form of a Dodoitsu and I broke almost every rule. They are usually about work or love and are often comical, not just sad AF. But I wanted to show you that you don't have to be bound to these rules, be free and write. Here's another example that's not mine and I don't know who wrote it but let's call him Ken.

As you can see, Ken stuck to the script. Did a syllable Dodoitsu that was comical and about love. Go Ken. Here's one of mine that follows the rules:

We came a long way from home (7)

to stare at some shitty rocks. (7)

But there's no one I'd rather (7)

stare at shit rocks with. (5)

Suck it Ken. Dumb poem but yeah you get the picture. Write some funny poems about work or love and have fun. And if you don't wanna write about those topics, that's fine, follow the syllable count and call it a day. Happy Friday.

Welcome the rain

and it's cleansing

of our misery.

Gif O clock

Wait for it.



First off, yes lowercase is weird but lowercase is also the best genre I have ever accidentally stumbled into. Essentially it takes minimal sounds that we barely hear and amplifies them enormously. Read the description of this video to find out what you're actually listening to:

I don't know why I like it but I do but I'd you want actual music, hit the link and discover all the new music I've discovered today. And I'll see you all Sunday! Get ready to reflect.