Form Friday


It's the return of the nerd as I've decided to turn Fridays into form Friday! Every week I will introduce a new form of poetry and we can all write them and be nerds together, dope. I will keep them relatively simple but occasionally just throw in a mad hard one because I'm a monster. Today we are going to be writing Nonets. WTF is a Nonet I hear you ask! Well, it's this:

A Nonet is a syllable shape form of poetry. It is nine lines long and requires you to count down in syllables. The first line is nine and the last is one. The poems can be on any subject matter and don't follow any rules other than the syllable counting.

Much like cinquains, the form gives a bit of freedom in terms of playing with the shape. For example you could do the typical Nonet followed by a reverse Nonet to create a hour glass type shape. Or you could make a direct reflection so it reads both ways.

So yeah. Have some fun and share your creations. I’d love to see them. Here's mine:

Broken but mending.

Slowly working through

acres of ache

GIF O Clock


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Hope the week went okay homies. WE MADE IT.