Fiji Blue - Only When I Look Into Your Eyes

Old Tin Cup shares a new release.

Fiji Blue is a duo effort from the likes of Trevor Dering and Val Fritz. Meshing dance, pop and super smooth RnB vocals to create a unique sound, Fiji Blue say they fall into a new genre - sad boy chill house - which is quite frankly the genre everybody needs to be doing more of. In their latest offering, ‘Only When I Look Into Your Eyes’ which came out just over twelve hours ago, Fiji Blue provide the perfect sad boy roadtrip companion. Upbeat music with sad lyrics and as always, a hook you'll be singing in the shower all week and into the next year. Okay, that's an exaggeration but this song is like playing catch with your friends for six hours and never dropping the ball. Then Fiji Blue make the drums and guitars prominent, add enough bass to speak the language of bones and I guess in this analogy, that's the trick shots. This song is getting the ping pong through the hoop into an egg cup from half court. Basically, don't waste anymore time today, get your loudest speakers or headphones, stretch because injuries are real, press play and get dancing. I swear it will come easy.

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